MANA Advisory Group brings smartness and wisdom into realm of your business. Our aim is about empowering investors, business owners and companies to move towards growth and development with confident.

Growth and change are two evolving and inescapable realities at the heart of today’s businesses. At the same time, only smart solutions enable companies to adapt rapidly and allow them to do business in new ways and let the innovation to flourish as never before.


Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences (PHARMANA)

At Pharmana we are especially focused on pharmaceutical fluctuating market which makes companies to seek novel solutions for their increasing new challenges. At Pharmana, we’re playing our part. We provide you not only smart solutions but also smart questions.

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We are experts in healthcare business in Iran. We inform and assist stakeholders across the healthcare system to create new frontiers in the healthcare value chain, working across R&D, operations, strategy and commercial domains.

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Financial Services

We as MANA Advisory, stay focused on what’s the most crucial: positioning, growing and creating value, while also navigating risk and managing challenges. Our experience extends to every sector of the financial services industry.

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Private Equity

Are you strategically positioned?
At MANA we have wide relationship with investors and funds, and by understanding industries we can connect you to the right resources, at the right time, ensuring success at each stage of your transaction.

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We offer a suite of best services designed for your business. The proliferation of mobile devices, wireless connectivity, and new media platforms is driving convergence among telecom, media, and entertainment companies. At MANA, we are expert to connect different aspect of the industry and to choose the best way to achieve the goal.

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At the heart of a business, technology provides many opportunities for growth. The key to success is partnership with expert and confident group to optimizing the strategies. Together, we can improve performance and seek the opportunities.

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Shipping & ports

MANA Advisory Group provides advice and services to the water transportation industry. We are focused on assisting companies in the shipping industry to face the challenges and manage the risks of this ever changing environment.

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Events & News

Pharmana Wider View Vol.2 – Cardiovascular Disease 150 150 mana

Pharmana Wider View Vol.2 – Cardiovascular Disease

PHARMANA WIDER VIEW - August 2019 Vol2 Cardiovascular disease (CVD), or heart disease, is an…

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Pharmaceutical Stock Market Analaytics 1900 410 mana

Pharmaceutical Stock Market Analaytics

Pharmaceutical Stock Market Analaytics Due to the lack of coherent information from Iranian pharmaceutical market…

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Iranian Pharmaceutical Market and Industry Analysis 1900 410 mana

Iranian Pharmaceutical Market and Industry Analysis

Iranian Pharmaceutical Market and Industry Analysis Due to Iran’s untapped health market and its capabilities…

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