We aspire to be the first choice of any business as a trusted advisor, financier or investment banker. At MANA Advisory, We are focusing on delivering best-in-class services to help clients grow faster than the market. Our integrated investment banking services are complementary to the strategic and transaction advisory services which enable us to deliver clients the highest value and growth.

Raising Capital

MANA Advisory succeeds in finding the most appropriate models for raising capital for your business whether you want to limit ownership dilution or not. We aim to provide you best fit solutions for a fast-track capital growth. Our proven track record can proof our methodologies in order to raise capital and negotiate financing terms that satisfy both our clients and financial institutions.
MANA Advisory advises how to raise capital through both debt and equity. We are not only suggesting solutions to our clients but also execute it. MANA Advisory helps clients through its vast networks and partnerships to provide required capital.

Our services for capital raising in detail are:

  • Equity raising advisory (equity and debt): IPO readiness, right issues, private equity, private placement and capital markets
  • Debt Raising Advisory
  • Optimizing funding structures
  • Asset divestment
  • Infrastructure projects

Investing capital

In today’s market, the winning strategy is tied to defining a clear foresight. We work alongside you to empower you to compete today and help you to invest for tomorrow. Having the right advisors who understand your investment strategy, know your team, have the relevant transaction skills and industry knowledge and who are ready when you want, can help make the difference.

Mana’s Investing Capital services involve:

  • Acquisition and alliances
  • Delivery of synergies and effective integration
  • Planning and structuring transactions to optimize stakeholder return
  • Focused due diligence to mitigate risk and drive value
  • Asset acquisitions
  • Cost- and tax-efficient structures
  • Capital Investment Advisory
  • Investment Advisory

Mana Projects



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