Specialty Services

MANA Advisory’s mission is to provide smart clients with a 360ᵒ holistic outlook that brings them wise solutions to every aspect of their strategic, capital, financial and management challenges. But one step prior to this we are looking for smart questions, which are the golden key to our end-to-end, complex and wise solutions.
In our specialty services section, we are offering our clients the high-end, complex solutions which definitely need an expert to guide you through the process and implement it into your business.

Foreign Direct Investment

Mana’s Foreign Direct Investment service is a general service which offers foreign investors variety of services such as market study, strategy consulting, transaction advisory, capital, and investment advisory as well as direct investment advisory. We help foreigners to know Iranian market accordingly and build their business brick by brick with the lowest possible risk. Our advisors are expert in both legal and technical parts which can help foreigners to enter the market with trust and contentment.


According to worldwide progressive public infrastructure constraints, Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) offer an increasingly valuable solution to the financial and administrative restrictions of the public sector. Mana’s PPP Advisory provides integrated services supporting technical, economic and contractual expertise across all asset classes and PPP markets for both the public and private sectors.

Project Finance

MANA’s Project Finance Advisory team with in-depth knowledge of dealing with a variety of lenders specializes in developing and implementing financial solutions. MANA Advisory understands the underlying political and technical foundations of complex projects. The unique service that we provide to our public and private sector clients consists of recognizing the project and its capabilities, elucidating the complex local governance and regulatory requirements and approaching lenders appropriately.

International Fund Raising

MANA Advisory could help its clients in negotiations, transaction support advisory, structuring, financial modeling, and other related activities with the international financiers, foreign investors, multinational banks, international private equities and other similar institutions in order to raise capital.

Mana Projects



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Pharmaceutical Stock Market Analaytics

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Iranian Pharmaceutical Market and Industry Analysis

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