Through Corporate Responsibility (CR), companies tackle the unwritten expectations society has of business, namely, to find socially responsible, ethical, and environmentally sustainable ways to grow their business while helping to develop solutions to ameliorate the world’s problems.

At Mana, we believe more people should have access to opportunity and the chance to move up the values ladder. We play our role in changing lives for the better. Working in innovative ways, we are designing and delivering solutions that contribute to a sustainable and prosperous future for all.


Hese-Mehr” is an online platform to help patients in deprived areas of the country, which began its activity in Azar 1396 (December 2017). It allows all people in the community to help patients at any time of the day, at any cost they want to.
We define the story of people who need community support. People who have financial, environmental and family disadvantages And maybe with a little help, you can change their lives.
We define the story of every patient as it is, so that you decide who you want to help. 100% of the amount you pay will be spent on the patient treatment costs. Hesse – Mehr allocates all your donations to the patients. We do not receive any fee.


We want to help patients do not suffer anything but their disease pain. This is our belief and we work our best to its happening. We help children who need support for treatment. These children are introduced to us from all over the country, and we help them, regardless of nationality, religion, or anything that separates humans. So, walk with us with no tension. We will send all the financial and hospital records of the patient after completing the process of each case, to ensure you that your gift is delivered to the patient.

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