What we do?


MANA Advisory finds best resources to strategically position businesses.

In today’s market, Private Equity faces a fluctuating environment such as an ever-changing regulatory and tax system, a changing domestic economy and closer competition.
In Iran as an emerging market, the challenges are the same until new investment solutions will be adopted. In emerging markets, as they are moving away from their traditional economies, the opportunity in private equity has developed significantly. By investing in emerging markets, private equity can attain unspoiled, growing industries and expect decent returns. In an environment where firms are trying to distinguish themselves from the rest, emerging markets, like Iran, are an interesting investment proposition for investors.
In addition, for managers, it is important to work with qualified and legal, local providers when sourcing deals in emerging economies.

So, MANA Advisory provides advices at all stages of a private equity (PE) or venture capital (VC) transaction, from legal review of the target, to the design of the most suitable structure (MBO, LBO, MBI, BIMBO), and drafting of the documents to reflect the commercial objectives of the business and execute the transaction and advising on legal negotiating strategies.
We pride ourselves in our ability to consistently deliver seamless, integrated solutions to manage your funds and optimize your transaction process.



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