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We are experienced experts in healthcare business in Iran.

In today’s changing world as health challenges are upgrading to a new version, healthcare delivery system models are changing their faces to be capable of justifying new challenges. In Iran like many other countries, health system has the same objective: to finance and deliver the highest possible quality of care and value to the maximum number of people at the lowest possible cost.
Iran healthcare as a highly dependent system on public sector is not meeting current needs of population and according to the health trends and demographic changes, the need for more than 160,000 additional hospital beds has been estimated.
We, based on our expertise and the current trends believe that healthcare is one of the top priorities of investment that needs financial experts alongside the healthcare professionals to facilitate the roadmap of growth and development by designing new models of investment and partnership.

At Mana, we’re playing our part. We provide our services collaboratively with a wide range of organizations, from governmental departments of health and public-sector service providers and payers to health insurers and private sector providers.


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Center for Health Solution

Industrial knowledge and financial expertise are to pillars of fast-track growth and ascending development of healthcare industry. Demographic changes, elderly population growth, increased social welfare and changes in disease patterns as a result of life style transformations, has increased the demand for healthcare services. On the other hand, the arrival of new technologies, novel and advanced products, as well as new service delivery models have led to a rising demand for products and services.

  • For this purpose, the MANA Advisory Group, with the collaboration of Amin Investment Bank, the first leading investment bank in Iran has established the “Center for Health Solution” as the first specialized financial center focused on health business and industry. In this regard, by providing an interdisciplinary environment compiling of experts in different fields of healthcare such as health systems, medicine and medical technology as well as engaging financial and investment professionals, we have gained support from a wide range of related organizations, such as public institutions and regulators, insurance companies and private sector providers.

    MANA Advisory aims to provide a deeper and wider insights of health through the provision of new services in Center for Health Solution. We offer our clients comprehensive services and solutions through creating access to the capital market as well.

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