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New demands are constantly being created but not always we have the correct question in our mind to develop the best solution regarding the market needs. PHARMANA has this honor to have an expert interdisciplinary team to help you specifically in the fields of Pharmaceuticals (Pharma), Biotechnology (Biotech), and Medical technologies (MedTech) not just to provide you smart solutions but also smart questions.

Pharmaceutical companies continue to respond to a changing landscape, and strive to pursue innovative solutions to address today’s challenges. Margins are falling, periodicals collection has been extended and the need for controlling costs is rising. Our services are tailored to the issues that your company or organization, experience. PHARMANA has already helped companies with the challenges of change management, raising capital and finance, mergers and alliances as well as bringing new business models across the pharmaceutical value chain.

Despite of traditional pharmaceutical products that can be fully characterized which are created through a series of chemical processes, biologics are typically proteins and antibodies derived from genetically modified living sources such as bacteria, yeast, or mammalian cells. Since the cell lines in a given source are unique and generate drug products via complex biological systems molecular copies are not identical. Thus the name biosimilars was created for products that are similar, but not identical, to reference biologic agents. Biosimilars require extensive (and expensive) regulatory studies and assessment distinct from those required for generics. With the favoring of large molecules among the market, companies continued investing heavily into the development and commercialization of these molecules.

PHARMANA is expert in consulting biosimilar companies and investors to identify suitable resources in order to develop and optimize their best business model. We work alongside you to help create the foundations for future growth and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your current businesses.

With disruptive changes altering the basis of competition, MedTech companies may seek new opportunities to redefine business models, enter new markets and deploy their scale advantages in new ways. To thrive in this emerging environment, PHARMANA’s teams of experts help MedTech companies by variety of services in the context of Strategic Consulting, Transaction Advisory, Capital raising and investment.

Because your circumstances or objectives may change, your plans should not be etched in stone. To make it flexible, our advisors work to develop your customized reports, provide ongoing review, and make periodic adjustments or enhancements that directly respond to your changing situation and needs. Transparency and access to information are two main pillars of planning for the future.
To meet these demands PHARMANA provides you series of special studies and services such as:

  • Specific market studies based on clients’ order
  • Pharmacoeconomic studies
  • Partnerships and investment advisory
  • Business alliances advisory and negotiations



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