Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

We are experts in the healthcare business and in Pharmana we specifically focus on Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences business. While the global pharmaceutical industry has undergone dramatic changes, the Iranian pharmaceutical industry has not experienced many profound transformations. Although in the past few years the industry has witnessed a power shift among public and private sector, still public and semi-public companies have the major market share.


Strategy Consulting

Moving your business forward is not only to formulate winning strategies, but also to execute against those strategies. MANA Advisory strategy consulting services help business leaders to trade-off between exploration versus exploitation during their business’s journey.

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Transaction Advisory

Through a financial lens we help companies to drive inclusive value creation by building precise transaction strategy from the beginning to execution and post execution phase.

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Investment Banking

We aspire to be the first choice of any business as a trusted advisor, financier or investment banker. At MANA Advisory, We are focusing on delivering best-in-class services to help clients grow faster than the market.

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Special Services

MANA Advisory’s mission is to provide smart clients a 360ᵒ holistic outlook that brings them wise solutions to every aspect of their strategic, capital, financial and management challenges. But one step prior to this we are looking for smart questions, which are the golden key to our end-to-end, complex and wise solutions.

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Pharmana Wider View Vol.2 – Cardiovascular Disease 150 150 mana

Pharmana Wider View Vol.2 – Cardiovascular Disease

PHARMANA WIDER VIEW - August 2019 Vol2 Cardiovascular disease (CVD), or heart disease, is an…

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Pharmaceutical Stock Market Analaytics 1900 410 mana

Pharmaceutical Stock Market Analaytics

Pharmaceutical Stock Market Analaytics Due to the lack of coherent information from Iranian pharmaceutical market…

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Iranian Pharmaceutical Market and Industry Analysis 1900 410 mana

Iranian Pharmaceutical Market and Industry Analysis

Iranian Pharmaceutical Market and Industry Analysis Due to Iran’s untapped health market and its capabilities…

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Center for Health Solution

Industrial knowledge and financial expertise are to pillars of fast-track growth and ascending development of healthcare industry. Demographic changes, elderly population growth, increased social welfare and changes in disease patterns as a result of life style transformations, has increased the demand for healthcare services. On the other hand, the arrival of new technologies, novel and advanced products, as well as new service delivery models have led to a rising demand for products and services.

  • For this purpose, the MANA Advisory Group, with the collaboration of Amin Investment Bank, the first leading investment bank in Iran has established the “Center for Health Solution” as the first specialized financial center focused on health business and industry. In this regard, by providing an interdisciplinary environment compiling of experts in different fields of healthcare such as health systems, medicine and medical technology as well as engaging financial and investment professionals, we have gained support from a wide range of related organizations, such as public institutions and regulators, insurance companies and private sector providers.

    MANA Advisory aims to provide a deeper and wider insights of health through the provision of new services in Center for Health Solution. We offer our clients comprehensive services and solutions through creating access to the capital market as well.

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